The complete cold water immersion system for athletes and trainers​

cryotubs cold water therapy
cryotubs cold water therapy
cryotubs cold water therapy
cryotubs cold water therapy
cryotubs cold water therapy

Recover faster after your workout

Taking an ice bath after an intense workout can be an effective way of
relieving inflammation and pain in the body.

All-in-one for cold water immersion therapy

An ergonomically designed tub, water treatment and a cooling unit.
Connect, fill up and cool. Quickly ready for use.


1. Smart design tub

A relaxed posture enables mental focus and calmness at all times. The oval shape ensures ample space yet optimal usage of water volume and cooling energy.

efficiente zuivering

2. Efficient sanitization

For professional usage or more recreatively, the water treatment unit with cartridge filter and tablet dispenser ensures clean water at all times.

krachtige koeling

3. Powerful cooling

The companct yet powerful cooling unit ensures ice cold water, is easy to operate and has a low power consumption.

Different versions

Plastic inner shell with anthracite coating or complete wooden version.
Including insulation cover, powerful cooling and water treatment

Easy to install anywhere

The professional cold water immersion bath by Cryotubs® - added value

All parts can easily by carried by 1 or 2 persons, and will fit through a regular doorway. This allows installation almost anywhere.

Place the bath with the sanitizing unit outdoors preferably shaded from direct sunshine or inside a ventilated ‘wet’ room.

The cooling unit is connected to the sanitizing unit by 2 insulated hoses with a length of 2 meters.

Place the cooling unit in a room with a temperature between 5°C and 35°C, sufficient ventilation and drainage for condensation water.

cryotubs cold water therapy

The Cryotubs system does not produce ice cubes! Ice cubes are not actually necessary for effective cold water therapy, but they are often added for photos on social media, for example. 

Science and health

Immerse yourself in the world of cold-water therapy

Ice therapy baths have numerous benefits, both for mental as physical  health.

Some set-up examples

Below are just three examples. Many more are possible to fit each situation..

The Cryotubs® Ice Therapy Bath can be set up in various ways. It will fit in almost any situation.

Easily installed, anywhere.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Questions? We are here to help you!

Cryotubs Ice Therapy Baths

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